What materials are your products made from?

  • Stickers - Our stickers are printed on a 5 year outdoor rate vinyl. They are then laminated with a highly protective laminate (gloss or matte).   
  • Banners - Our banners are printed on a 13oz scrim banner material. They are rated for 1 to 3 years outdoors.
  • Yard Signs - Our yard signs are printed on a 1/4 inch corrugated plastic. They are rated for up to a year outdoors.
  • Posters - ????
  • Vehicle Magnets - Our magnets are made from a 30mil material. They are rated 3 to 5 years outdoors.
  • Canvas Prints - ???
  • Apparel - Our custom printed apparel come from multiple brands and materials. Please see the products individual description for more information.
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